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20s: The Best of Them All

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I’ve written before about how much I love new beginnings. No surprise here, I have found a new time in my life that I believe is much more symbolic as I enter into it than I thought it would be. I just turned 20 and as anyone turning 20 would usually say it is supposed to be a boring year. It is usually just a countdown until the ultimate 21 where legally being drinking age is the excitement you’ve been waiting for while 21 is also ultimately the “last” exciting birthday you will have as the boringness of adulthood ensues.

Now, I realized as my 20th birthday approached that 20 is more symbolic than the beginning of a year-long countdown. It is the beginning of a new decade, perhaps the most exciting and adventurous one of life. My 20s. The idea of being in my 20s has always excited me (although I have always fancied the idea of turning 30, when you supposedly have your life together and can enjoy the settling down). Regardless, I can say I have many more dreams for my 20s than any other time in my life, and now it feels like it is time to force myself to start them. I realize most people look at their “20s” as the time after college because it is more fitting to be the beginning of adulthood with the entrance into the “real world,” but I’d like to think I mature faster than others so beginning this chapter 2 years early seems quite fitting.

I ordered a book with my upcoming birthday in sight titled The Defining Decade after seeing my older sister’s even older friend whom is 28ish post a picture of a different self-help 20s book on Instagram. I then searched Amazon reviews for one for me (I’m a sucker for self-help books) so I could attempt to be the best version of myself starting out this new chapter. Plus its never too early to start preparing, right?

A few days later, while browsing through TedBlog (I’m also a sucker for motivational speakers) I stumbled upon the following video by Meg Jay, who just so happens to be the author of the book that I am still waiting on to be shipped in. I watched the video and became more optimistic than ever about this new decade of my life. The idea of grabbing life by the horns now and accomplishing some life dreams would excite anyone I would imagine. I love that Jay advises to go against the social norm- to not just sit around and wait for life to happen but rather to go out there and try and work for all the things you want now because this is the time. After listening to Jay speak I could not wait to get my book in (I still can’t wait… seriously where is it?!) and to dream up a list for my 20s- the bigger the better!


I plan to study abroad for 3 weeks next May with my best friend and this is only the first of many adventures I hope to encounter in my future. Out with my lazy teenager ways, in with the new go-getter attitude of my young adulthood.


This will be a good one. 🙂

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