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A Sunshine State of Mind

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If there’s one thing vacations teach you, it’s that you need to slow down in your everyday life. I’ve been at the beach a few days now and with all of the beauty surrounding me there is no choice but to take a moment (or many) to admire it all. In our everyday lives, we don’t usually take many moments like that to enjoy where we are. Sure, we will stop to look at the beauty around us whenever it catches our eyes, but what about the sheer beauty of where you are at every day? Granted, it’s difficult to find beauty in such mundane settings, but we also tend to forget how much there is to be grateful for.

Now this isn’t a post intended to fill your mind with the illusion of gratefulness. I am simply writing to say: slow down. Vacations give you an unparalleled view into who you are and how your life is going. There is so much free time to think that you are able to really asses how happy (or unhappy) you are with your everyday life and also how you should go about changing it. Maybe it’s my inner eager 20something because to be honest, I have been reading a lot about my Defining Decade… see post “20s: The Best of Them All”. While reading about how to plan my future doesn’t necessarily constitute as stopping to smell the roses, it has also been refreshing to be so introspective. I am an introvert; I get my energy from being alone. My sister, who is also with me on this trip, is very much an extrovert. Cue the daunting music and a clip of our clashing personalities. She is recharging her battery, if you will, by meeting strangers, joking with my mom and me immensely, and talking to her friends at home about how wonderful the trip is. I have been relaxing by simply having some quiet time to myself to read, think, and enjoy my surroundings. A pina coloda or two may have helped along this process too.

Regardless, beach trips are sure to be a time to escape it all. Having had so much free time with nowhere to be, no obligations to fulfill, and nothing to do has been so, so relaxing. When you are forced to slow down you see how amazing the quality of things can be at this pace. I love that I can take home something from this trip that will be so beneficial to my mental health. I feel like a month has flown by in my daily life and I have so few great memories from that time, while only three days have passed at the beach and I have so many great times to take with me. I want this for my everyday life. I want great memories, and times to enjoy, and to just have fun. I’m too young to have a month pass by without great memories being made – especially in the summertime. I now have a new happy and relaxed state of mind to take home with me from Florida. I vow to remember my young age, and to continue my ordinary life with this sunshine state of mind.


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