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In Thoughts on January 11, 2014 at 5:22 pm


I have been craving a yin-yang tattoo lately. I’ll wait a while for this one – I waited 1.5 years for my first and 6 months for my second. I like giving myself enough time to be sure that whatever I’m choosing is something I will enjoy for life. Anyways, that’s not what this post is about. I wanted to address the idea of choosing to find the “good” in the “bad.”

Your happiness is solely based on your own state of mind. I think that’s fair to say. There’s always going to be a silver lining. You just have to find it, and accept it. I watched the movie Silver Linings Playbook last night and it brought this idea to my attention. There is so much messiness and “crazy sad shit” about mental illness. I consider my anxiety disorder to be such an obstacle for my life, but that doesn’t mean I’m ever going to quit trying to fight through it. When I beat my anxiety, whether it be calming myself from a panic attack or simply not allowing myself to stress over the past, I feel so great. Granted, I’m not doing this alone. I have medicine to aid me. But I still feel responsible for the little victories that I would have never been able to have before. Anxiety is controlling and stifling and suffocating, but if you can figure out how to control your own thoughts, you can control your happiness. Period.

I’ve always been an optimist. I’ve always tried to see the “good” in the “bad.” One thing though, is that I didn’t fully embrace it. See, you can point out the good all you want but if you are dwelling on the “could have/should have’s” and regretting, you aren’t allowing yourself that happiness. You are allowing the bad to take over again. And when that happens, you lose control of your own happiness. Allowing yourself to accept and embrace the good, without regard to the bad, is what makes you truly free. You can free yourself from negativity if you move on. If you stop focusing on the bad, and remember that life is balanced. Life is one large yin-yang symbol, and you control your happiness. 


Blank Pages

In Thoughts on January 2, 2014 at 3:12 pm


I have recently been obsessed with this quote. I have been finding it all over Tumblr (see: here ) and unlike other cheesy New Year’s quotes, this one made me think. I even made it my phone background.

You see, this quote does something to me. It reminds me that each day counts for a hell of a lot more in your story than you may think. I had planned on laying in bed all day and recovering from my inevitable hangover on New Year’s Day (which I did) but when I read this quote on NYE it reminded me to make the day count. I should be making all of my days count and stop wasting them.

So, as a result I have decided to blog much more than before. I want this to be a lifestyle blog. I will share with you what I’m doing, thinking, planning. I want to open up and write it down and remember how great my life can be. It will not be an everyday writing as each blank page is, but I plan to post much more often. I hope you enjoy my journey of 2014 as much as I plan to.

I partied pretty hard on NYE but one thing I remember is taking my first sip of Dom Pérignon. It was so crisp, tasty, and fantastic. I never want to forget how good luxury tastes. I want to remember that glass of champagne until I become wealthy enough to buy it on the reg. I will forever remember how amazing life will be once I reach the top, which I will someday. You can hold me to that.


Please share your bogging plans or goals for 2014 below!