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An Open Letter to Interrogative Adults

In Thoughts on March 31, 2014 at 1:57 pm

I feel that I can speak on behalf of most 20 year olds when I say STOP ASKING ME WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE! I get it, you want to give me some valuable advice that you wish you had at my age, but I don’t fucking know what I want to do and my answer is going to be delivered with a shoulder shrug and an annoyed grimace every time. Honestly your advice probably sucks because regardless of what you think I will have to learn it through experience on my own, without you, BY MYSELF. Get it now?


I don’t know what I want to do because I haven’t even cracked the surface of exploring my options yet. I refuse to set my sights now on one sole career that I have yet to experience in its actual setting. I have many interests that I am considering pursuing and guess what? I’ll probably discover many more in these next few years.


Our generation is stuck. We’ve been told to find careers that we are passionate about and to never settle for anything less. Do you know how stressful that is? Following your heart has got to be the most difficult thing to do in your young adulthood. You want to be responsible, yet you want to have fun. It’s a fucking roller coaster trying to decide what you even enjoy. One day I love event planning, the next day it stresses me out to no end and my new plan is become a writer, then a week later I decide I love advertising. I understand that whatever I choose I will have to stick with it enough to make a career of it but right now my mind is looking at a million possibilities, and I don’t want to fuck this up.


So while I pop my daily Lexapro let me remind you that this whole “world at your feet” notion is TERRIFYING for those of us with perfection complexes, and your constant questioning is only making it worse. If you’re wondering why my generation of 20-somethings are either A) depressed or B) going off the deep end, you have your answer. IT’S YOU and your questions. How about instead of asking us what we want to do with our piece of paper we receive after 4 (or more likely 5) years of soul-searching you ask us what we are up to now. We can make a much better conversation of it, receive your praises (or disapproval if you want to be a bitch that has forgotten the uncertainty of young adulthood), and I will no longer have to listen to your ineffectual advice while silently wishing for the topic to change.


I’m doing great right now, so spare me your unwelcome counseling and let’s have a normal conversation, shall we?



Florals and Spring Lips

In Fashion on March 30, 2014 at 8:59 pm


“Florals? For spring? Grondbreaking.”

-Miranda Priestly,  The Devil Wears Prada

Why does every magazine feel the need to push florals EVERY SPRING? The flowers have finally bloomed- we get it. Floral print being “in” each spring should be likened to that of Christmas colors actually being “in” during Christmas time… which they aren’t, haven’t been for years, and shouldn’t be ever again. It’s too stupidly obvious to be considered a trend and it saddens me that there are still people in the fashion world that feel the need to talk just for talking’s sake (or in this case write).

While we are still on the note of the pictured page I will say that FRESH Sugar tinted (and clear) Lip Treatments are wonderful. Beyond wonderful, actually. It feels like putting butter all over your lips (only think of it as color and odorless) which is really the only way to describe it other than heavenly. Although I can’t remember the name of the tinted one I own, I’ll warn that it is definitely a brand to pair over another because before you can even notice the color fades off the lips leaving behind a thick lipline of dark color reminiscent of the (dreadful) early 2000’s.


ANNNNDDD for shits and giggles let me add that bold orange lipstick is a trend I’m DYING to debut once Atlanta finally starts giving us some sun. THANK GOD I have a neutral complexion. Sending my regrets to all you cool toned ladies that will have to opt for an off-the-mark red-orange that will fail to have the same chic effect. But keep up those burgundy lips! (No sarcasm) I really am still obsessing over burgundy lips and I truly believe they are here to stay.


Lastly- that finger wave! How amazing is that?! Kudos Marie Claire, you did something right on page 170.




On Why I Will Write

In Lifestyle on March 8, 2014 at 12:17 am



In my high school Sophomore Gifted World Literature class our teacher required us to write down the three most important things we want out of a significant other. An odd assignment for a group of nerdy 15-year-olds, I thought, but nevertheless I scribbled down my answer. I don’t even remember if I wrote down three full reasons, but I do remember what number one was. The teacher had us each read a reason aloud and I, being luckily the second to last student in the order we were going in, noticed something as each student shared their deepest desires in others. Most students had the same or shockingly similar answers, none of which I remember to this day, but my answer was different. I realized that my mental issues (which at the time all stemmed from extreme anxiety) caused my answer to be a bit unique. My number one? Understanding. I had never had a serious boyfriend and at that moment I realized all guys I had considered for the part were immensely lacking in the quality of my dreams. All I ever wanted was to be understood, maybe this is why I have decided to be a writer.