Vegans: Help!!

In Lifestyle on May 9, 2014 at 12:25 pm

I am leaving Monday for my Maymester Study Abroad program (holy shit!!) in which I will be going to Paris, Lourdes, Iona (a small island off the Western coast of Scotland), and Edinburgh. We will be in each city for approximately 4 days. One thing I have been worried about is food. If my stomach is upset or I feel too full, my anxiety is triggered. My anxiety and my stomach go hand-in-hand and obviously I’d really like to minimize any anxious situations that I could avoid while away.


So, as I’ve been eating vegan for these past four months, I’d like to stick to that as best as I can for the trip. I’m not worried about Scotland because there won’t be a language barrier so I will be able to read the menu easily and communicate what I can’t eat to the server. I am worried for my 8 days in France though! What should I look out for on the menus? What should I say to indicate that I am vegan and to get across what I can’t eat? I’m perfectly fine with eating salad with no cheese and dressing on the side most of the time but I don’t even know how to ask for that! Bread doesn’t bother me at all (it probably soothes my stomach more than anything) so I will definitely be eating that in France. Let me also add that I don’t know a lick of French. Sooooo, there’s that issue.


My plan is to pack a ton of Larabars in my checked bag and to make sure I always have a few in my purse just in case. I’m also bring some microwavable rice & quinoa packets that are sooo filling so I can always eat those in the room. I also don’t want to be a hindrance to anyone on the trip. I don’t want to choose where to eat for everyone else just because of my dietary restrictions but oh man, I really need to avoid dairy like the plague, It KILLS my stomach now.



What do you all recommend? Any vegan travellers out there, please help! Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.




  1. I think the main thing is take things you can snack on with you eg roasted chickpeas, cereal bars, dried fruit. Also try googling allergy translation cards to get help with explaining what you can and can’t eat for when you’re in France

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