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Only the Good Die Young

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2014 at 3:27 am

Something happened today which confused me more than ever.

An acquaintance passed away, someone I had known for years but had probably only spoken to in person once when we first met. He was known by so many people from schools all around the state and even some other larger universities out of state. He was an athlete and an avid partier. He was attractive as hell, which is what I most remember him for. What caught me off guard, aside from the fact that a life was taken tragically in a car accident so young, was not just the amount of people that knew him, but the amount of people that adored him.


I had always thought all of the hype around this man was what I had seen on the outside: an attractive and fun guy. But I think it was his alluring personality that made so many people wonderstruck by him. My Facebook newsfeed was flooded with pictures and paragraphs dedicated to explaining what a great place he made this world. People I would have never guessed knew him were apparently close enough to have fond memories with him and post their own thoughtful sentiments. Intriguing as it is, how often is it that someone comes around and not only meets and enjoys the company of so many people, but has that many and then some (ahem, me) remembering his enjoyable presence? What a rare breed. It gets you thinking on how you can make so much out of your life that you can touch that many people, too. 


I think his legacy is to spread love wherever you can. I hope that doesn’t sound lighthearted; I truly believe he has done so much good by simply encouraging happiness in others as he seemed to always have it in him himself. It makes me upset that I may never be able to share such happiness as I’m rarely, if ever, satisfied with my own mental state. Hopefully one day I will get the chance to touch as many hearts as he did. 


I may not have known you closely, but may you rest in peace and your family be comforted in knowing that you have served this world and it’s people well. ❤






Parisian Daydreams

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I am so over Atlanta. I hate the heat and feel like I’m going to have a heat stroke everyday when I walk 20 minutes to class. It’s so awful seeing the businesspeople walk to lunch everyday in their too-tight Ann Taylor dresses with sketchers on and mindless looks on their faces. I want to be back in France where the people are stylish, the weather is perfect (I really do enjoy the rain), and the culture is so wonderful. I think the best way to describe Paris is comfortable. I could have sat for hours reading at one of the cafes on the outside patio without feeling rushed. The couple in the apartment across the street from us would have friends over to drink every night and stay up until two AM playing cards and listening to music with the windows open and a glass of wine in hand. (Okay maybe it was beer but if it were me, there would have been a kickass glass of red in my hand.)


I think most twenty-somethings begin to long for more of the world at some point. Hometowns and even home countries begin to seem so dull in comparison. You get one taste of a different culture and suddenly you question everything about your own. I get it, the grass is always greener blah blah blah but I really do think I would be happier if I could live in Paris for a year or so. It’s hard to fathom staying in Atlanta for two more years going to the same old university. I really don’t know how I’m going to make it. I don’t want to be here. I want to be out in the world living; not at home with my soul dying. That’s how it feels anyway.


Who else is going stir-crazy like I am?!

All Over the Place

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I feel like I am all over the place. I have just gotten back from a 2.5 week study abroad trip in which we spent four nights each in Paris, Lourdes, then off to a tiny Scottish island called Iona, then to Edinburgh. I’m jet-lagged and my thoughts are all over the place. I also feel like I need a clear focus for this blog but can’t seem to narrow down to just one category or idea. Thoughts?


Oh, Happy One Year of Blogging to me!!