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Luxe Color Combos for Spring/Summer Handbags

In Fashion on April 17, 2014 at 12:43 pm

When it comes to handbags, I rarely stray from neutrals which is no exception this spring. I also refuse to compromise my style for the current trend. I get it, bucket bags and drawstring backpacks are all the rage this season, but I love my classic oversize handbag and the occasional satchel.

While I am always drawn to black, I am very surprised to say that I have been loving white and tan color block combos lately. Here are my absolute favorites for this spring/summer, click the picture for the link!


This Givenchy bag is the creamiest color that I have legitimately been dreaming about for days now. (Facebook ads have also been taunting me- a clear indication that I have been spending way too much time looking at this bag online.)


This Reed Krakoff bag is a much less structured one which I think contrasts so well with the sophisticated colors.


This Marc Jacobs bag is very likely something that will be making its way into my closet this summer! I love the tininess of it for casual summer days when you don’t want to lug around too much crap due to the horrendous summer heat. Plus, if Fall 2014 Fashion Week taught us anything it’s that mint is not going anywhere any time soon! I love that this bag is mainly tan because paired with that pop of mint it is such a fresh yet nonchalant way of doing chic.

If you want to opt for a cheaper bag, has some great looking bags with the same theme. Here’s my favorite:


Lastly, when going for this look, I would say to stay away from the following types of browns (as opposed to beige or tan). It looks so drab compared to the above color combinations.



This is why nobody likes you, Coach.

Who else will be joining me in the black/tan/white color block bag trend this season?!




Travel Style: Edinburgh

In Fashion on April 16, 2014 at 1:18 pm

Travel Style: Edinburgh

I’m thinking more trendy in Edinburgh with a slight edginess (not pictured). The weather should be around 40-60 degrees F in May. I’m still on the lookout for black boots that are comfortable enough to spend everyday walking in, yet are cute enough to be paired with classic or edgy styles. So far, the Sperry Adeline boots look the most promising. Who has boots that are great for travel?! Recommendations welcome!

Take a Bite out of This

In Fashion on April 12, 2014 at 1:30 pm




On my search for the perfect burgundy lip color at Sephora last Fall, I was directed to the Bite Beauty line for two reasons: 1) My mom wanted a lipstick that was not filled with chemicals (those Baby Boomers are so modern-day hippie) and 2) Bite is a new brand that, according to the saleswoman, has the most up-to-date burgundy that could give the bold, chic look I was aiming for. I swatched Bordeaux and was sold. The burgundy color is the perfect deep burgundy that’s more on the plum side than the dated pinky-burgundy side. PERFECTION. The last thing I wanted was my lips to look like I had an encounter with my mother’s decades-old Clinique lipstick *cringing as I type*.


Bite Beauty is a natural lip product company that is healthy enough to eat. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had many lipsticks/glosses that had such strong chemical smells that I just knew it’d be bad news had I accidentally ingested any. Odd isn’t it, that we will put products on our lips that would be dangerous if it were to get in your mouth? Lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum, and other metals have all been found in lipsticks and glosses- some even at toxic levels. It doesn’t matter where you look, the research is there and most beauty products today are not indifferent but actually bad for you. You can read up more about this here because I am certainly no expert; I just want to make smarter decisions and help you do the same.


As for Clementine- I mean, who isn’t going to be wearing a bold orange lip this Spring/Summer? I am obsessed. After having Bordeaux, I have loved the staying power but I wanted a color that was easier to apply (trust me- Bite’s cashmere lip creams will take 5 minutes minimum) and I also wanted one sans-gloss so I could, you know, actually eat while wearing it *gasp*. This color is a true orange, not red-orange and certainly not too bright and neon-y. I really think this color would look amazing on almost all skintones. Plus, the fact that it’s matte means you can manipulate it with a gloss or another lip color if you feel so inclined.




Chubby hands for days! I swear to you I did not mean for my nail color to match. I almost feel silly for how well it matches. Anyway, for reference I am always the lightest of the medium shades in foundation (usually called light beige). I have neutral-warm undertones and light shades are never warm enough for my half-Greek self, although I do mix in the darkest of the light shades when I am pale as ever (like now).


LASTLY: neither of these colors require a lip liner. The lip cream (Bordeaux) is applied like a lip gloss, but is heavily pigmented and settles to create a bold line while also giving the creamy consistency of a lipstick. It’s one of the coolest products I have ever used. The matte cream lip crayon (Clementine) has a thick pencil applicator so you can draw and fill in lips with the super-rich color effortlessly.


Not sponsored by Bite, but definitely wish I was! Go check out Bite Beauty products sold exclusively at Sephora! I can’t say enough good things about this amazingly NATURAL and chic brand!!




Tips From a Makeup Artist That Every Teen and 20-Something Need to Know

In Fashion, Lifestyle on April 10, 2014 at 11:58 am

1. You need moisturizer, and you need it every day. No, it will not make your oily skin oilier. Yes, it will tremendously slow the rate at which you get wrinkles. (And they are coming sooner than you think!)

2. CLEAN. YOUR. BRUSHES. I know it takes time but I can assure you that even spot cleaning them once a week will cut back on the amount of acne you are getting. Think about it- you are essentially storing all of those germs from your acne in your brushes to cover your face in yet again each day. Lovely, isn’t it? Spot cleaning takes SECONDS per brush (if they aren’t covered in gunk from weeks) and makes your makeup look better and your face way less disgusting.

3. Never leave the house without checking that your face makeup is blended into your neck. It’s the first sign of trashy-girl makeup and I can assure you that guys will notice it.

4. If there’s one thing you should splurge on, it’s foundation. Between 60-80% of what we put on to our face is absorbed into the skin in seconds. Cheap, chemical-ridden foundations are doing much more harm than good to your appearance and your body, so please opt for an organic foundation that matches your skin color flawlessly.

5. That leads me to my next point: it is very likely that you may need to buy two foundations to blend to get your best color match. It’s so worth it, and as you get tanner in the summer you can adjust your ratio of the two foundation colors you mix.

6. Cat eyes aren’t made for every eye shape, and that’s okay.

7. A matte finishing powder makes the world of difference in photos.

8. Home remedies (i.e. frozen spoons to de-puff eyes) will hold out much longer than makeup will. Always try and get your best face before applying makeup so you will have less worry when your makeup inevitably wears off hours later.

9. You have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips with the amount of beauty gurus on YouTube. Use them. (Warning: it’s easy to get hooked on the videos so try not to spend too many hours watching them!)

TIP: Try and find a beauty guru with similar coloring as you (skin, eyes, hair) so you can learn what colors work best for you!

10. Don’t let the salespeople from a department store EVER trick you into buying products that you aren’t sure about. I used to work in Lancome and Clinique at Macy’s and let me tell you- it’s all about numbers. Yes, I sincerely tried to find the best products but I also had to meet my sales goal everyday (which was dependent on just how much you spent).

11. Always do your research before buying a product. I KNOW, I know, this is seriously the hardest thing to do sometimes. I can’t tell you the high I experience from finding new products at Sephora that I want to get that very second BUT I try my damnedest to only buy what I have already researched online. It makes the world of difference because A) you can look at everyone’s reviews and learn how the product will wear, the shelf life (vital for liquid liner), and really any other detail you could imagine and B) you can compare it to other products in which you might just find a way better product for half the price. Lastly, if you do your research and can be confident buying a product, you waste so much less money on products that you bought from getting sucked into the packaging allure or the salesperson gimmicks. Ever since I started doing my research on my products before buying, I don’t think there’s a single one that I was unsatisfied with for reasons I didn’t expect (which were clearly not enough of a problem to stop me from buying it in the first place).

12. Never wear red lipstick on a daily basis. Why are you trying so hard?



Hope this helped and please add any tips you’d like to share in the comments!



Yves Saint Laurent – The movie

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Florals and Spring Lips

In Fashion on March 30, 2014 at 8:59 pm


“Florals? For spring? Grondbreaking.”

-Miranda Priestly,  The Devil Wears Prada

Why does every magazine feel the need to push florals EVERY SPRING? The flowers have finally bloomed- we get it. Floral print being “in” each spring should be likened to that of Christmas colors actually being “in” during Christmas time… which they aren’t, haven’t been for years, and shouldn’t be ever again. It’s too stupidly obvious to be considered a trend and it saddens me that there are still people in the fashion world that feel the need to talk just for talking’s sake (or in this case write).

While we are still on the note of the pictured page I will say that FRESH Sugar tinted (and clear) Lip Treatments are wonderful. Beyond wonderful, actually. It feels like putting butter all over your lips (only think of it as color and odorless) which is really the only way to describe it other than heavenly. Although I can’t remember the name of the tinted one I own, I’ll warn that it is definitely a brand to pair over another because before you can even notice the color fades off the lips leaving behind a thick lipline of dark color reminiscent of the (dreadful) early 2000’s.


ANNNNDDD for shits and giggles let me add that bold orange lipstick is a trend I’m DYING to debut once Atlanta finally starts giving us some sun. THANK GOD I have a neutral complexion. Sending my regrets to all you cool toned ladies that will have to opt for an off-the-mark red-orange that will fail to have the same chic effect. But keep up those burgundy lips! (No sarcasm) I really am still obsessing over burgundy lips and I truly believe they are here to stay.


Lastly- that finger wave! How amazing is that?! Kudos Marie Claire, you did something right on page 170.



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Because I need another type of social media to keep up with…


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glamour – Love her explanation.

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