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The Best Atlanta List Ever

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The 99 Problems of Atlanta

All of these are so on point. Sometimes it’s terrible being an ATLien. (Should we make that name problem #100?)



Parisian Daydreams

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I am so over Atlanta. I hate the heat and feel like I’m going to have a heat stroke everyday when I walk 20 minutes to class. It’s so awful seeing the businesspeople walk to lunch everyday in their too-tight Ann Taylor dresses with sketchers on and mindless looks on their faces. I want to be back in France where the people are stylish, the weather is perfect (I really do enjoy the rain), and the culture is so wonderful. I think the best way to describe Paris is comfortable. I could have sat for hours reading at one of the cafes on the outside patio without feeling rushed. The couple in the apartment across the street from us would have friends over to drink every night and stay up until two AM playing cards and listening to music with the windows open and a glass of wine in hand. (Okay maybe it was beer but if it were me, there would have been a kickass glass of red in my hand.)


I think most twenty-somethings begin to long for more of the world at some point. Hometowns and even home countries begin to seem so dull in comparison. You get one taste of a different culture and suddenly you question everything about your own. I get it, the grass is always greener blah blah blah but I really do think I would be happier if I could live in Paris for a year or so. It’s hard to fathom staying in Atlanta for two more years going to the same old university. I really don’t know how I’m going to make it. I don’t want to be here. I want to be out in the world living; not at home with my soul dying. That’s how it feels anyway.


Who else is going stir-crazy like I am?!

Travel & Overcoming Fears

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“Greatness is measured by your gifts, not your possessions.”

Who else feels like everything is falling into place when your tea gives you the perfect quote to reflect your day?

In less than one month, I will be in Paris for a short Study Abroad trip with my best friend! It will be my first time traveling out of the country (you really can’t count the Bahamas on an American cruise line as going out of the U.S.) and I can’t even contain my excitement! All I can think is “what will I wear, what will I see, who will I meet?!” OH and what will I eat? Because DUH- Parisian macarons are on the to-do list! My mom brought me this mug back from when her flight had a layover in Paris- so no, she didn’t really see anything that she could tell me about. I feel like I’m venturing so far into unknown territory for me! The trip will bring us to Paris, Lourdes, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Iona (a tiny little island 3 miles by 1.5 off the coast of Scotland).


I’ve always been afraid to travel far because of my anxiety. Sure, I’ve wanted to go places but I couldn’t (and still am having trouble) imagining myself flying over a massive body of water. Not to mention the missing Malaysian flight 370 has certainly added to my fears. What I decided, however, when I chose to go forward with these plans last fall was that I will not allow my fears to control me. I know 100% that the rewards will outweigh the risk and all I can do is chose to be strong. Anxiety has a way of being pushed forward as the biggest priority and I get so sick of it. I choose to not let my anxiety control me on this trip. I will continue to enjoy the moment and be as fearless as I can be. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and if I don’t take it now because of my stupid fears, when will I ever? The more prepared I am, the less scared I feel when adventuring into anything new. So I have been preparing with my psychiatrist for months to find the perfect dose of Lexapro and to also find the perfect drug to knock me the fuck out for the 8 hour flight. Pills are not at all the only answer, though. I have been trying to learn as much as I can about the social norms (apparently shorts in Paris is a HUGE no) because hello I do not want to be seen as a tourist that will be an easy target.


I know the ins and outs of Atlanta; I know where to avoid, what to do when homeless people approach you talking nonsense (I act deaf) and what to do when homeless people approach you just wanting to simply tell their story (I always listen- and usually learn a lot). I know my city. I’ve lived in or around Atlanta my entire life and worked in the heart of downtown for almost 6 years. I’ve seen and heard the horror stories of women walking alone at night (why would you ever…) and have done my best to placate the crazies who threaten you for no reason. I understand how to be safe. I don’t know any of that about any of these cities we are going to which scares me- but I know I will be as smart as I can, and I will never leave my friend’s side. Anxiety doesn’t have to take control of your mind if you make smart decisions when trying new things.


So, back to my tea fortune. Common sense, intellect, and a keen instinct to always be cautious will help me enjoy the trip without allowing full-fledged anxiety to take over. Intelligence is one of my greatest gifts. I hope to achieve the level of greatness I want one day because I have this opportunity to expand my knowledge even more. Material possessions will never amount to any level of personal greatness, but your God-given gifts will and you must maximize that potential in order to become the person you wish to be.