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I’m Not Here to be Your Role Model

In Thoughts on August 8, 2014 at 1:48 pm

I’ve always thought that it must be awful to be famous. I truly do mean that. The paparazzi constantly shoving cameras in your face and crowding in on you so you can barely walk three feet, the obligation to give, and choose “the most worthy” cause you can find, but worst of all? The expectations of how you should act and the inevitable criticism regardless of what you do or say. It’s terrible that people feel they can write incredibly mean things about someone just because they are famous, or worse yet, post it as comments on their Instagram or other sites. Would you say that to their face? I doubt it. Would you comment those things on pictures of people you knew? No. You wouldn’t, I guarantee. So what makes you think you can say hurtful things to someone simply because of their job description, or the money in their bank account, or the number of followers they have?

Famous people who, *gasp* are people, too, are not here to be your (or your kids’) role models. Imagine if all of the sudden one day you woke up and everything you did or said had to be appropriate for all ages and had to essentially teach society what to think of themselves or others. You would fail miserably, wouldn’t you? People are people. We all have different views on EVERYTHING. We think differently, and we think different things. To judge whether someone’s thoughts are “acceptable” is NOT up to you, or a group of you, or society in general.

Humans are not on this planet to be “role models.” We are not here to show you how to act, what to say, or what to think. We are all different and can learn from each other. This does not mean in any way that anyone should be held up high on a pedestal of exactly how to act, nor does it mean condemning one down to be shown as a mockery, or an example of what not to do. Lay off the judging of famous people. I bet they would never hold YOU to such high standards of any one person’s individual version of morality.